Contact Wires


Columbic Copper nano composite alloys.


Standard contact wires with cross-sections of 100 ÷ 120 mm².


  • High speed railroad electricity supply lines

Technical Specifications

Mechanical and electrical properties of Columbic Copper contact wires with cross-sections of 100 ÷ 120 mm2: UTS = 750 ÷ 950 MPa,YS02= 550 ÷ 800 MPa, Conductivity = 80 ÷ 90% IACS, δ=2.5 ÷ 10%.

Product Benefits

  • Added capability of building the railroad electricity supply lines with increased straightness to facilitate train speeds faster than 400km/h
  • Increased durability and reliability of railroad contact lines operation
  • Increased length span of power lines, which leads to reduction of the number of contact towers


High speed railroad transportation